Silkroad On the internet Protector Program

The actual Protector Program is really a program with regard to current higher level gamers as well as brand new or even reduced degree gamers. The actual higher level participant is actually protector and also the reduced degree participant is actually newbie.  Silkroad Underneath the Protector Program, the actual Protector may spread their own video gaming encounters towards the Newbie, therefore the newbies could possibly get a much better understanding from the online game. With this program, the actual protector and also the newbie are could possibly get numerous benefits.

If you wish to function as the Protector, you have to end up being degree sixty or more, to be able to set up a good academy, additionally, 100, 000 precious metal is needed to set up a good academy.. Protector can’t set up a lot more than 1 academy as well as optimum associated with 5 apprentices (below degree 39) as well as two protector assistants (between degree 40~59) could be authorized for each 1 academy.

As well as if you’re a brand new participant or perhaps a reduced degree participant, you are able to sign-up the actual Academy for that benefits underneath the Protector Program. Academy enrollment can be achieved by utilizing academy USER INTERFACE (hotkey L) or even Protector Coordinating Program as well as should require guardian’s contract that set up the actual academy to join up.

Being an honor for that apprentice’s graduating, protector may recive assessment factors. Once the Recognition factors is sufficient, protector may use this particular Recognition Factors to buy recognition products: Close off associated with Sunlight, Close off associated with Celestial satellite, Close off associated with Celebrity, along with other gear, as well as may barter the actual recognition factors with regard to additional advantage conditions.

Apprentices below the protector may cumulate extra encounter percentage via searching, plus they may reveal the actual cumulated encounter ration below the aficionado type. With the discussed aficionado, apprentices as well as protector can acquire additional encounter factors whenever searching.

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